Physical Digital Physical Digital

Optimizing Physical Space By Integrating Perfectly-Tailored Tech.

Contemporary brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay, but how can we make them feel truly modern to consumers? At RevUnit, we inject up-and-coming digital technology into the physical space to create fantastic hybrid technology for our clients.

Plenty of people say they can innovate for your business, but through our process of Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often., we're able to innovate and create tangible solutions like no other.

Step 1: Strategy

Forging A Roadmap To Bring Physical-Digital To Life.

At RevUnit, we discuss your goals, create key performance indicators, and formulate a roadmap to give your idea its best chance to success.

Our strategy is based on facts, not far-flung ideals. Innovation in the Physical-Digital space requires a particularly methodical approach to all the details, even something as deceptively simple as identifying the closest power outlet or maintaining an awareness for battery life in the field. We do our homework on all the technology your project needs so we can best utilize each and every tool in our belts.

Your Product Owner oversees the lifecycle of your Physical-Digital undertaking from idea, to prototype, and finally to a tangible product. We love to see your idea take shape and your Product Owner will ensure that happens as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Step 2: User Experience


We get to the heart of what your customers need and determine how to help them arrive at their destination with maximum intuitiveness and minimal frustration. Physical locations in particular carry unique challenges: how do we attract users' attention to your product in a world of endless distractions? How do we best utilize the space available to us? How do we ensure that the transition from physical to digital is as seamless as possible? At RevUnit, we address those concerns to make user experience as effective in real-life as it is in a digital space.

We get to the heart of what your customers need and determine how to help them arrive at their destination with maximum intuitiveness and minimal frustration.

Technology Integration

Step 3: Technology Integration

Folding Hardware And Software Into Your Business
For Maximum Effect.

With so much technology available - mobile apps, web apps, hardware, software, back-end systems, etc. - anyone would be concerned with how to make everything work together in a complementary, rather than contradictory, manner. At RevUnit, we assess the full range of tools available and determine how to turn seemingly disparate items into a well-oiled machine for your business.

We strive to bring innovation to the table without dismantling your existing structure and procedures. If you have technical constraints, an existing back-end system, or other surprises for us, we work diligently to understand your situation so our solutions can integrate fully with the methods you already know and love.

Step 4: Analytics & Insights

The numbers tell a story.

At RevUnit, we know that the numbers tell an essential story about the health and trajectory of your Physical-Digital product. We strictly monitor usage statistics and always keep an eye on your key performance indicators; since we are forever mindful of the climate of your product, there are no surprises.

Our dedication to the collection of key performance metrics allows us to identify positive or negative trends and respond to them appropriately. If your Physical-Digital product isn't getting the notice it deserves in your store, we'll know about it immediately - and that's the jumping board we need to continuously innovate and iterate upon your idea. If users fall in love with particular functionality, we'll know - and we'll also know to highlight and expand in that high-performing area. We learn and adapt to live information about your product so we can continue to mold it into the best version of itself.

Content Strategy

Step 5: Content Strategy

We Know How To Tell The Right Story.

At RevUnit, we know that great storytelling serves as the best emotional bridge between your product and your customers. We create a lean yet comprehensive content strategy for your Physical-Digital product to ensure that your brand - and its story - is represented throughout the entirety of a user's experience. Content is king, and we spare no detail when it comes to creating a high-quality, perfectly-tailored story for your product.

Content strategy isn't limited to writing when it comes to Physical-Digital. Your floor layout and store design is as much a part of the story as any written content - we consider important questions such as: what led customers to this space? What would make individuals want to stop and interact with your product? What mood might your customer be in, and how can we cater to them best? We ask the hard questions so our storytelling can encompass the entire picture.

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