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At RevUnit, we love ground-shaking ideas - but we also know those great ideas have to be molded and refined for application and presentation in the real world. Whether it's for your potential investors, colleagues, or simply to test the merit of your idea with real customers, RevUnit has the speed and ingenuity to deliver a prototype of your product in record time.

Plenty of people say they can develop a prototype quickly, but let us show you the real meaning of fast when we Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often.

Step 1: Strategy

Generating A Rapid-Fire Roadmap To Transform Your Idea Into A Working Prototype.

We identify your goals and determine key functionality for your product so we can create the most efficient path to your prototype.

Our strategy is based in reality rather than lofty idealism. Ever mindful of your budget and timeframe, we dive into the processes of Agile Product Development that we know and love to get your prototype running optimally for a perfect and holistic presentation. We identify actors, epics, objects, and spikes so we can be assured that we have a complete understanding of your unique product and circumstance.

Your Product Owner spearheads your project and acts as your top advocate as we transform your idea into a working prototype. At RevUnit, our Product Owners wear an impressive array of hats; equal parts business owner, tech guru, and thought leader, your PO boasts the type of mind perfectly suited for a multi-pronged and unique approach to your project. We always work with your goals in mind so we can ensure that your prototype serves as a well-polished, perfect representation of your needs as our client.

Collaborative Design

Step 2: Collaborative Design

Putting Our Heads Together To Create The Best Solution.

Your project team consists of a variety of players - your strategists, creatives, developers, and others - who all work collaboratively to bring your product to life. At RevUnit, we believe that no idea is too small and no source is too humble, so we embrace different approaches to the same goal - ultimately, your prototype and the betterment of your business.

In Collaborative Design, our experts from different disciplines are briefed on your project and are then sent off to assess and describe their unique approach to your challenge. They reconvene, present, and pool their one-of-a-kind strategies, allowing the team as a whole to generate an expansive foundation of knowledge and ideas dedicated to your topic. With a wealth of options to choose from, RevUnit is able to edit and refine our concepts to the strongest and most logical strategies for your prototype.

Employee Engagement App

Nebraska Furniture Mart

See how we created a fully-functioning prototype at a lightning-fast speed for one of the nation's largest furniture retailers to help them deliver a strong proof of concept.

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Step 3: Prototyping

Bringing Your Idea To Life - At 1/10TH Of The Cost.

With your goal on the horizon and an iron-clad strategy acting as our foundation, our designers get to work making a real, playable prototype of your product. Using the latest and greatest concepts in User Experience, Interface Design, Graphic Design, Traditional Design, and so much more, our designers get your app or website living and breathing with a fully-functioning, full-picture interface.

User Testing

Step 4: User Testing

Verifying The Strength Of Your Prototype With A Real Audience.

At RevUnit, we know that your product exists for real users to experience, love, and connect them to your brand now and in the future. Your users' opinions are as vital to your prototype as any of our pre-work steps, and we strive to create a truly meaningful "evolved suggestion box" that we can use to improve upon your idea. We treat and implement feedback with the utmost seriousness and respect to your users' wants and needs.

We drill down to the demographics of your audience and conduct rigorous testing to determine what your users really want and how to best cater to their needs. We aren't looking to create things that will simply look pretty on the app store, we want to make solid products that exceed your goals - and your users'.

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