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Flexing The Strength Of Your Brand Using the Perfect Web Solution.

Your web presence is how the world first experiences your brand and requires a perfect mold between form and function. At RevUnit, we know exactly how to craft something beautiful - and practical - for your users. Let us boost your digital presence far above the competition with a cutting-edge web solution.

Plenty of people say they can develop for the web, but through our process of Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often., we're able to innovate and create tangible, profitable solutions for your business.

Step 1: Strategy

Forging A Roadmap To Bring Your Web Solution To Life.

We drill down to exactly what you need for your organization, create performance indicators to monitor your project along the way, and forge a solid development roadmap to ensure that your idea has its best chance for success.

Our strategy is based on facts rather than far-off ideals. In our extensive pre-flight stage, we research the best technology for your project, prototype the results, and conduct user testing to ensure a strong and user-centric game plan. We do our homework so we can create a complete, cohesive, and confidence-inspiring approach to developing your product.

Your Product Owner monitors, tweaks, and corrals your web project as it transforms from an idea into a real product. Strategists at heart and brilliant to boot, your Product Owner acts as your biggest advocate as well as a cheerleader for your success.

Competitive Analysis

Step 2: Competitive Analysis

Inspecting The Competition So You Can Soar Above Them.

At RevUnit, we are acutely aware of the fact that contemporary businesses are more susceptible than ever to quick displacement from competitors. With the lightning-fast pace of information and the ability for competitors to materialize seemingly overnight, how can we ensure that your brand stands strong in the digital landscape?

We dive deep into the competitors you know - and even the competitors you don't know - so we can best distinguish your brand above the rest. Our meticulous competitive analysis allows us to tailor your web solution perfectly, and to establish your product as a leader in digital space.

Step 3: User Interface

Giving Users The Most Intuitive Path For Navigating Your Brand.

We mesh your intent as a leader with the needs of your users to create organized, logical, and visually distinct user interfaces. We wireframe and test our designs until we've formulated an interface that truly feels natural to your users, not only staying on-brand - but elevating your brand as well. A happy user is a user more likely to convert - and remain loyal - to your business, which is all that much better for your bottom line.

User Interface

Ruby HTML5 CSS3 jQuery

Step 4: Web Development

Weaving Code Into The Perfect Web Solution.

Our mantra, Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate Often., forms the foundation of RevUnit's development methodology. We code smart from the bottom-up and apply the most appropriate, logical technology to suit the needs of your project. We constantly review our approach to ensure that you receive the best version of your idea with minimum waste and maximum efficiency. We are experts in Ruby on Rails, HTML5 development, and much, much more - we have just the right utility belt to make you a killer custom web solution.

User Testing

Step 5: User Testing


Being able to Build Small. Learn Fast. Iterate often. requires us to have in-depth working knowledge of your product at all stages, and we believe there is no better way to gauge the temperature of your product than to test it with real users in the field. We formulate an MVP - a minimum viable product - so we can obtain lightning-fast user feedback on the most integral parts of your app or website before we leap into further development. We're able to deliver a tangible product in record speed, iterate based on live observations, and ultimately save you time and budget.

Content Strategy

Step 6: Content Strategy

We Know How To Tell The Right Story.

At RevUnit, we know that great storytelling is the best bridge between your product and your users. We weave a solid, lean, and cohesive content strategy into your web app or website so it exudes the sentiment of your brand and the messaging you want to convey to your users. A digital product without a story is merely a bare-bones tool, but at RevUnit, we craft experiences - the real full picture.

Step 7: Growth


We grow it. With our strict adherence to thorough research principles, we know your audience, your market, and your needs well before our developers begin coding. We know how to create compelling content and how to optimize your website through effective search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns and more. We don't want your product to hide on an inconspicuous search result page in the depths of the web - we want it out in the public where users can enjoy it and further commit to your brand.

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