In-Depth Digital Audit

UniGroup engaged RevUnit to perform a comprehensive digital audit of over seven web properties ranging from their large B2C sites like Mayflower.com and UnitedVanLines.com to their smaller service sites like UniGroupLogistics.com. The five-week audit culminated with a presentation of the results to their entire marketing, web and PR/Social teams at their internal vision meeting for next year planning.

The Challenge

Creating A Laser-Focused Landscape Assessment.

A company focused on industry domination and constant improvement, UniGroup needed a fresh perspective on their digital ecosystem of web properties and digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

The Comprehensive, Objective Lens Our Client Needed.

At RevUnit we are thorough, authentic, and unbiased. For this project, our evaluations included the efforts of internal UniGroup teams, outside vendors, and third-party software. Additionally, our comprehensive approach to this digital audit included the following steps:


Research and extract raw data and analytics for all web properties, social media channels and competitors


Organize and structure a content inventory of all web content

Analyze & Audit

Analyze and audit content, engagement & meta data to find and qualify content through our Quality Content Ranking


Synthesize analysis into valuable strategic next steps

The Results

Forging A Roadmap Based On A Solid Foundation Of Research.

Using the learnings from the five-week audit, RevUnit developed and presented a roadmap of strategic recommendations outlining future digital opportunities for UniGroup.


Shared learnings and made strategic recommendations to key decision-makers


Insights and validation for digital market domination


Data compiled into
powerful reporting


Roadmap provided to guide future decision-making

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