At RevUnit we’ve always had a passion for helping ensure the Northwest Arkansas technology workforce continues to grow to meet the demands of business.

We also have a front row seat to the gender gap that exists in technology jobs. Just a few relevant stats for you:

  • Women only hold 12% of jobs in the computer science and engineering fields even though women in STEM jobs earn 33% more than their non-STEM counterparts
  • 74% of middle school girls show an interest in STEM fields, but only 0.4% of high school girls select computer science as their college major

This combined with a plethora of research shows us a couple of things. Even though middle school girls show an interest in programming and related fields, they tend to move away from that field later during their high school and college years. This means a large number of higher paying jobs are going unfilled by women.

Luckily, organizations like Community Venture Foundation and 100 Girls of Code are working together to help address this. We’re fortunate enough to get to formally announce we’ll be working with Community Venture Foundation on creating curriculum for their AR Girls Code initiative. This program aims to inspire more young women to pursue a future in computer science by introducing them to coding at a young age.

You can read more about the partnership via the press release:

The video below also provides a nice glimpse into a recent workshop with a few appearances by RevUnit’s own Brenna Blackwell:

Michael Paladino

Michael Paladino

Co-Founder at RevUnit, Michael leads the company's efforts to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. His current areas of focus include AI, machine learning and conversational interfaces which can all be used to help RevUnit clients #WorkBetter.

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