Frontline Data

"Our data is all over the place."

Sound familiar? We'll help you find, clean, and structure relevant data.

"Our analysis is slow and disjointed."

You're not alone. We'll help you work across teams to discover mental models and find the most important narratives to pull.

"How do we present data to drive better decisions?"

This one can be tricky, but we've got you covered. We'll help you create dynamic visualizations grounded in pyschology that will drive better decision-making.

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Some of your most pivotal business decisions happen with your retail frontline workforce. Equip them with the insights they need.

A 90-day prototype of a tool to get simple, actionable insights to your retail frontline employees — with user and technical validation.

Together, we’ll choose a particular employee or frontline task as our use case. We will then breakdown what information and insights your retail sales floor needs (in what format) to better perform the task or take action for our pilot solution.



What do you need?

Mapping out the use case you want to tackle, identifying what data is needed by your employees and in what moment.


What do you have?

Documenting where and in what format the necessary data lives in your systems today and how it is (or isn’t) connected.


How do we get it?

Designing and validating a tool that will help get insights into the hands of employees, faster.


What's next?

Creating a phased plan with technical validation on how to implement the new tool into your systems.

female retail worker stocking groceries with financial data and graph graphics

"We need to get insights into the hands of employees that can affect change on the floor."

Getting data to your retail frontline is not about turning all your employees into analysts. It’s about empowering your employees who are closest to your end customer or the final operations of your business with the insights they need to take action in the moment. Too often, these employees are either given outdated reports or left without any data-driven insights altogether.

We can help you get simplified insights into the hands of your frontline, faster.


Employee Needs Map

Existing Data
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Agile Roadmap

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[Case Study]

A large retail chain was throwing away food at times, while not meeting demand at others.

They needed a way to empower their grocery employees with the right information to effectively meet demand with less waste. The only way employees could access this data was through a tool made for sales people that was difficult to understand. 

The organization teamed up with RevUnit to understand what these employees needed in order to respond more quickly and accurately predict demand. Through our research, we were able to uncover the sales, throwaways, and production level metrics that would empower employees to adjust daily production on their own with more accuracy.

This pilot tool gave grocery employees the information they needed to produce the optimal quantities of fresh products, at the right time, and to boost sales in their store. This project eventually led to a larger rollout for employees across the sales floor.

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