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Get to real visibility by connecting data across your supply chain

Connect and combine powerful data from your systems, sensors, and devices across your supply chain.

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Stop piling on more and more technology to connect your supply chain data.

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Between internal systems, new SaaS platforms, IoT devices, and external sources, supply chain technology has never been more all over the place. You know there’s value being lost from your data because you can’t make the right connections.

And despite what others may promise – there’s not a magical fix for that. You need to connect to what already exists in your ecosystem, and leverage emerging tech (like machine learning and edge computing) to make better use of that connected data. Our experts can make that happen.

Four signs you may be struggling with a disconnected supply chain:

01 —

You have IoT devices and sensors in your distribution centers, warehouses, and trucks, but only use them for one specific insight

02 —

Your data science team has proof of concepts for AI and ML models, but scaling them across the business is painstakingly slow

03 —

You are looking at 12 different tools for the data you need, and still end up using a spreadsheet for your analysis

04 —

Your team is still relying on experience or slices of historical data to make supply chain decisions

Key aspects in your connected supply chain

Edge Device & Sensor Data Management

Edge devices are a way to gain visibility into what is happening in the field through the use of data collection, analysis, and transmission to cloud sources. The complexity of what these devices are capturing can vary widely depending on what is being collected and the format of that data. Telematics are sensor devices that can be used to understand when a vehicle might need maintenance proactively.

Computer Vision

Computer vision uses ML/AI to analyze video or image data and provide insights. This can take many different forms, including warehouse improvements, traffic detection, safety, etc. Normally these technologies are used by installing cameras in the areas, connecting that data to an edge device that is capable of performing the analysis, and then pushing the insights to the cloud.

Automation & Robotics

This deficit of labor and the need to decrease employee turnover has caused a massive increase in the investment being made in the warehousing automation and robotics space. But much of the data being collected through this automation and robotics are not being leveraged outside of the specific tasks they are performing.

Frontline & Employee-Facing Tech

Human capital remains a crucial part of the supply chain, whether that’s drivers or warehouse employees. Providing them with the right tools, that combine data and business processes, can be a tremendous competitive advantage in improving efficiency and reducing errors. These tools can also send data back to the enterprise for analysis and decision-making.

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$60M is no small change

A closer look at how we helped a leading food processor stop losing millions of dollars annually.

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  • Data Cloud - The ability to manage each and every stage of the data life cycle from running operational transactions to managing analytical applications across data warehouses and data lakes to rich data-driven experiences that break down silos
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There's this internal perception of the A,B, and C team — but I don't believe RevUnit has a B or C team. From what I can see, your entire org is an A-team, which is why I advocate for you so much as a partner.

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90 days to a proof of concept for a connected supply chain

Your supply chain is unique – and so is a solution to connecting it. We’ll work alongside your team to develop a solution in 90 days that you can use to make the business case for your initiative.

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