We partner with Looker to help our clients get insights that drive decisions, faster.

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Why Looker?

To unlock the full value of information, companies need solutions that transcend traditional BI and infuse data into operational workflows.

Looker is a data analytics platform that lets anybody in your company — no matter whether they’re technical or not — view, explore, and then act on data. And, it lets them do that using the business terms and metrics that they’re familiar with.

Through this collaboration, RevUnit and Looker allow customers to infuse customizable data experiences into day-to-day tools and workflows that further close the gap between discovering insights and taking action.

Integrates into existing workflows

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Can support enterprise scale

Allows speed to insight

Customizable to your needs

Solving Two Massive Data Problems

01_ Bottlenecked Data

Many data systems are currently set up with a data expert needing to cleanse data and share it out before people can use it. This limits the amount of data that can be shared out, and slows down speed to insight. 

With Looker, we can create customized, real-time dashboards for your teams to gain insights quickly without the bottleneck. We’ll help you set up a data process that removes the need for a data gatekeeper, but still allows the most relevant data to be pulled into the right hands.

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02_ Data Chaos

Most large companies are struggling with more data than they know what to do with, disorganized structures to access that data, and limited on their ability to get the right insights in front of the right people across the organization — from corporate to the frontline.

With Looker, we can integrate reliable data into existing workflows. We’ll work with your team to set up a structure for sorting and retrieving data through Looker that plugs into the process and systems you already have in place.

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Need a boost in your team's skills? RevUnit experts can create a course tailored to your team. We teach foundational skills in data literacy with a focus on real-world application — regardless of the tools you use.

  • Data Viz 101
  • Data Wrangling 101
  • Data Management 101


Looking for objective guidance on your data efforts? We support our partners from strategy through implementation. No fluffy presentations, just solid expert advice and support — always bringing in user research.

  • Data Strategy Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management


If you're looking to tackle something that will require more power, we can assemble a cross-functional team tailored to your needs. Our teams are highly skilled at adding immediate value while sharing best practices along the way. 

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Program & Product Strategy
  • Data Modeling & Development

Think this may be right for you?

Were you nodding your head (or shaking it) as you read through the problems we just mentioned? Drop us a line and we’ll set up some time to talk through your data needs. 

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Looker is now a part of Google Cloud.