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Yes, we really did take the time to create a page on our website just for you.

Because I think that together, we could make some really impactful change at Costco. Take a look at this video I put together with some ideas for challenges you may be facing.

Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface

Kirkland Signature BI: Higher Quality, Higher Value

Are you maximizing the use of your private label data to derive key insights?

Your Kirkland brand promises higher quality and value to members; your data should be doing the same. But if you’re like many other retailers right now, you may be struggling with more data than you know how to handle, no clean source of truth, or inefficient processes in showcasing data to decision makers.

We can help you assess your business intelligence strategy, find opportunities, and create change, faster alongside your team. So when members start to purchase more Kirkland-brand products, or suddenly deplete all toilet paper stock in the Northeast, you’ll have the tools to respond and adapt quickly.

See how we helped the Walmart Finance team speed up decision making from 4 hours to 5 minutes.

This isn't our first rodeo.

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Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface
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This is fantastic. (yes, actual quote)

— Michael Dastague, EVP & CFO, Walmart

Can we help you and your team kickstart change?

To get your gears turning, here are some of the ways we’ve added value to our enterprise partners:

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valuable BI Strategy

BI Tool Strategy Audit

Tyson is attempting a massive BI tooling shift and wanted to know if they were on the right track.

what we could do for you:

Do you know what BI tools or reports are being used across your teams? What kind of standards could help speed things up? We'll conduct an audit to pinpoint exactly where you can consolidate, save money, and better leverage your tools.

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Team training

Data Visualization Training

J.B. Hunt has a completely new BI team that needs to learn advanced visualization techniques to help drive decisions and meet business needs.

what we could do for you:

A customized, four-week course designed specifically to help your team get the practical skills and guidance needed to make better use of their existing data sets.

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RevUnit helped me and my team show up as innovators within the walls of Costco. And we all got raises!

— You, if we partner

Let's grab some time to meet.

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Let’s hop on a call to discuss the challenges you are facing right now. We’d be happy to help, even if it’s just setting up some time to chat with some experts on our team for now. 

I’ll be reaching out to you again in the next couple days, but if you’d like to go ahead and schedule a time to meet, feel free to add something to my calendar here. Looking forward to meeting you!