Data Viz 101: Virtual Course

Learn how to visualize data the right way from experts working with the world’s largest companies.

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I benefited the most from the class from the depth of knowledge presented on design.  My background has been focused on  data research and quantifying the unknowns.  This course did a great job combining practical insights with foundational principles.  This will help me use design principles to more effectively communicate data findings.  It reiterates the focus on telling the audience just what they need to know, nothing more, nothing less.

— Sr. Data Manager, Coca-Cola

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Is Data Viz 101 Right for Me?

Data Viz 101 is a four-week course designed to help enterprise data and IT professionals get the practical skills they'll need in order to become more well-rounded data storytellers.

If you're looking to "up" your data visualization game, then this course is right for you. You'll come away with the foundational knowledge and practical skills you'll need in order to more effectively visualize, present, and communicate data in an enterprise setting.

This is not your typical online course.

Real-World Experts

Learn from practitioners currently working in the world’s largest enterprises.

Tool Agnostic

Acquire the practical skills you'll need in order to become a well-rounded data storyteller.

1:1 Office Hours

Meet one-on-one each week with course instructors for even more individual attention.

Course Schedule

Module 01 — Week 01

Perception, Memory & Psychology

The first module covers the visual system, how memory works, and how humans create patterns.


Learn how to draw a viewer's attention where you want it so they can take away what's important from the visualization.

Module 02 — Week 02

Analysis & Graph Types

The second module focuses on the primary graph types, best practices of graph selection, why these selections are optimal, and how to know which graph is best suited for the analysis at hand.


Choose the right tools to convey the message.

module 03 — Week 03

User Interface & Design Considerations

The third module dives into basic design principles and how to apply them specifically to data visualization for optimal performance.


Understand how to remove the visual noise and accentuate the data.

module 04 — week 04

Application in a Dashboard

The fourth and final module is about taking the principles of the first three modules and applying them to a real-world dashboard or report.


The rubber meets the road as we implement our learnings.

Get a taste of the content covered:

1:1 Office Hours with an Expert

In addition the the weekly course content, you’ll also meet with your instructor in a one-on-one setting where you'll have an opportunity for even more individual attention.

You'll be able to use this time each week to ask questions, review course materials, workshop ideas, or discuss any other data-related challenges directly with your instructor(s).

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Foundational data visualization principles can’t be taught in a bubble. Instead, they need to be learned and applied in a practical way — one that’s relevant to both the environment and tooling available. 

— CJ Weatherford, Data Viz Expert and Instructor at RevUnit

Course Dates

TBD, April 2021


Time Commitment

2 hrs / week + office hours

Weekly on Tuesdays & Thursdays

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Who is this class for?

Good question. This course is designed for anyone in an enterprise environment—individual contributor or leader—who now finds themselves working with data on a regular basis (nearly everyone these days). Yet, this course has been particularly useful for enterprise teams, several of whom have decided to enroll in Data Viz 101 as a team-based educational opportunity.

Who will be teaching the course?

Data Viz 101 is taught by RevUnit team members who, in addition to teaching this course, are actively leading large-scale, enterprise data visualization and data management initiatives with a number of Fortune 500 organizations.

When will this thing start? End?

The fall cohort will start on November 3 and finish on December 3; there will be no classes and/or activity during the week of Thanksgiving (11/23-11/27).

What's the weekly time commitment?

You should plan to devote approximately 3-4 hours each week for the length of the four-week course. Two of those hours will include virtual, “classroom” instruction on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while you’ll likely spend another hour each week meeting with your instructor in a one-on-one setting.

Will this course actually help me become a better data practitioner?

We believe so, but the experience is different for every student. Still, here’s what one recent student (the Lead BI Analyst at a Fortune 100 organization) had to say after finishing the course: “Amazing course! This would have been HUGE to get this kind of training when I was just starting out in UI work."

Is this course worth it? Can’t I take similar courses for free?

Yes! You can definitely find lower-cost and/or similar courses out there, and frankly, we’d actually encourage you to take some of them. Yet, this course is particularly unique in the fact that it’s designed for enterprise data practitioners by enterprise data practitioners. We also take great care to create an intimate, instructor-led learning experience that caters to the individual needs of each student, which takes a fair bit of time. We’re confident that the value you’ll receive from this course vastly outweighs your investment.