Get the trustworthy data you need – the moment you need it.

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You’ll never have less data than you do today. Getting to the data you need when you need it can be difficult, but it’s a necessary challenge to tackle now.

In so many enterprises, disparate, slow systems and organizational silos prohibit data from being readily shared or accessed. Organizations that fail to break down these silos and connect their teams to the data they need will continue to lag behind those who do. 

We’ll help you connect to the data you need, now.

Our approach

Understand the business need

The first step in connecting your data is understanding the “why” behind what your business needs. We’ll often break out specific use cases to tackle with a cross-functional team. Mapping out the business process or workflow, we’ll identify what data is needed by your decision makers, and when they need it.

  • User Research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Alignment Workshops
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Understand the data

We'll immerse ourselves in your data and systems, documenting where data exists, what form it lives in, and how it is (or isn't) connected.

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Governance
Create the right connections

Once we have a grasp on the use cases and the necessary data, we’ll come alongside your team to build models and architectures that most effectively connect your data across systems. We’ll help you speed up the time to insight and work with your IT team to build a structure to support your needs into the future.

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Engineering
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Let's get started.

Data connection pre-flight

Bring together the data you need.

A prototype of a connected data structure that matches your business needs, with user and technical validation — in 90 days or less.

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Not sure? Need more?

We'll tailor a solution to your needs.

We know that your data needs are unique — and your solutions will be, too. Set up a meeting with our team to talk about what you’re looking for. 

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[Case Study]

A large food processor’s systems were disparate, slow, and often took tribal knowledge to pull data from.

They brought a RevUnit team in to work with a Supply Chain Planning team to address a specific use case: more efficiently and confidently getting to the data they needed about products to make planning decisions that impacted the company's bottom line. At the time, it was nearly impossible for quick decision-making and production shifts if there were unexpected changes in cost or supply.

We partnered with the team to identify what kinds of questions they needed answered in their workflow, and used dimensional modeling to match the data structures to the real-world use.

Through this work, the company will soon be able to make supply chain decisions more quickly and with confidence that will positively impact the business’ bottom line.

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