Data Connection

Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface

Get the data you need at the time you need it.

A 90-day prototype of an integrated operational data structure that matches your business needs, with user and technical validation.

During this engagement, we will map the data you need to your business process — identifying gaps and ways to map and model your data for faster, more accurate delivery and clear structure.



What do you need?

Mapping out the business process or workflow, identifying what data is needed when by your decision-makers across the enterprise.


What do you have?

Documenting where and in what format the necessary data lives in your systems today and how it is connected, or where silos exist.


How do we get it?

Getting our hands into the data with you, determining the organized data architecture that will best work for your goals.


What's next?

Creating a phased plan with technical validation and data governance on how to implement the new structure into your systems.

Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface

"The data we need is all over the place, in manual spreadsheets, and doesn’t talk together."

Sound familiar? If you are looking for a way to get to the data you need faster, this Pre-Flight is for you. We’ll jump start your effort, coming alongside your team to map out and help implement a structure that connects your data to you.


Data Needs Map

Existing Data Documentation

Data Blueprint


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[Case Study]

A large food processor’s systems were disparate, slow, and often took tribal knowledge to pull data from.

They brought a RevUnit team in to work with a Supply Chain Planning team to address a specific use case: more efficiently and confidently getting to the operational data they needed about products to make planning decisions that impacted the company's bottom line. At the time, it was nearly impossible for quick decision-making and production shifts if there were unexpected changes in cost or supply.

We partnered with the team to identify what kinds of questions they needed answered in their workflow, and used dimensional modeling to match the data structures to the real-world use.

Through this work, the company will soon be able to make supply chain decisions more quickly and with confidence that will positively impact the business’ bottom line.

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