Data Visualization Audit

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We’ve helped the world’s largest companies design impactful visualizations

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Are your data visualizations making the right impact on your business?

Data visualization is one of the last stops your data takes before getting into the hands of your decision-makers. But we’ve seen so many organizations visualize the wrong data, use the wrong visualizations, or not surface the data in a way that’s easy to understand.

Whether you're working off of manually-updated reports or spreadsheets (we’ve seen it all), leveraging a BI tool like Tableau, or using your own custom software, we can take a look at your current state and then offer recommendations on how to drive more business impact with your visualizations.

By closely integrating with your teams, we’ll accelerate knowledge transfer, leaving you better equipped to create visualizations in the future.

We’ll help you create visualizations with proven impact:

Faster decision-making

With a deep understanding of your user’s workflow and decision-making process, you can identify the right metrics to visualize within your tool. By breaking up views and creating a clear hierarchy, we can help your users make data-backed decisions, faster.

Drive the right actions

Connect the actions you need your users to take to your key business objectives. We’ve developed a methodology to correlate actions to behavior to business goals — then identify which visualizations will drive the action your decision-makers need to take.

Stronger adoption

We've built some of the most highly-adopted employee-facing tools at some of the world's largest companies. The right data visualizations will result in strong adoption from employees.

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What to expect from our audit service:

Business alignment

We start every engagement by making sure all stakeholders are aligned to the business-level objectives for the tool or software we will be evaluating. This will help us measure success and stay true to pre-defined goals for your visualization.

  • Business objectives
  • Analytics review
  • Target metrics
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Heuristic design review

Our experts will evaluate your existing data visualization tool and give you an understanding of what immediate improvements can be made, based on data visualization best practices (and our experience in the enterprise space).

  • Pattern consistency
  • Visual hierarchy 
  • Analysis and graph types
  • User control and flexibility
Evaluative user sessions

Next is understanding the end user of your visualization tool and bridging their needs to business outcomes. By gaining objective context into how they go about their work, what they need from the tool, and how they use it today, we can help you better understand where your visualizations are falling short.

  • Workflow understanding
  • Existing usage
  • Outside tools
  • Decision-making process
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Data viz audit recommendations

After conducting the research, we'll package up the learnings and provide you with detailed recommendations on improvements you can start making today. Depending on your needs, we can share a prototype of what an improved data visualization tool could look like and an outline of a data visualization strategy.

  • Packaged learnings
  • Key insights
  • Reccomended improvements

You'll finish this audit with:

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Data visualization best practices, applied to your tool

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Practical improvements you can start making today

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A clear framework for further developing your data visualization strategy

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