Data Visualization

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Get the right data to your employees in the right visual format to drive action.

A prototype of your improved data dashboard, report, or tool with user and technical validation — in 90 days or less.

During this engagement, we will give you a better understanding of what data your employees need visualized during their workflow and a prototyped tool to get that data in their hands at the time of need.



What do you need?

Mapping out the business process or workflow, identifying what data is needed when by your decision-makers. 


What do you have?

Evaluating the user experience of existing data visualizations, reports, or tools to get decision-makers the data they need.


How do we get it?

Designing and validating a new, more usable version of your dashboard or report that implements our research findings.


What's next?

Creating a phased plan with technical validation on how to implement the new data dashboard or report into your existing technology.

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"Our report isn’t driving the right actions fast enough. I honestly don’t know how much it’s even used."

If you’re feeling this right now, or are looking for a way to get your data to meet your decision-makers where they’re at, this Pre-Flight is for you. We’ll jump start your effort, coming alongside your team to define what solution will work best to deliver your data.


Data Needs Map

UX Evaluation


Agile Roadmap

[Case Study]

A large grocery retailer was working out of spreadsheets emailed weekly to do their assortment planning.

They needed a better way to understand data to make decisions so they could more quickly adapt to changes in the stores.

They teamed up with RevUnit to understand what the assortment decision-makers needed from the report to respond more quickly to changes in product. Through our research, we were able to uncover the metrics they needed, and showcased that organized data in an easy to use, interactive report.

The assortment team is now in their phased plan of rollout, and the new report is helping their team make more informed decisions to increase profit.

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