Digital Twin: Understanding the Retail Analytics Glow-Up

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Real talk: what is a digital twin? And how can it be used for better retail operations?

The digital twin market is forecast to reach $35.5 billion by 2026, with growth currently led by the manufacturing industry. But don’t sleep on the impact it will have in the retail space — providing real-time insights that can be quickly acted upon across supply chain transparency, consumer intelligence, in-store operational efficiency, employee training and more. Some retailers are even leveraging digital twins to replicate entire stores.

Join our experts as they break down this quickly-evolving technology and share how retail leaders can use digital twins to understand past, present,  and future states of real-world systems.

You’ll leave this 1-hour webinar with:

Real-world examples of retailers using digital twins in their operations
Practical first steps to explore digital twin technology in your business (without the need for technical investment)
An understanding of how to implement digital twins on top of your current tech

Join us!

When: April 28, 2022 | 11AM - 12PM CT
Format: 1 hour webinar via Zoom
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Meet the speakers

mid-aged dark blond white male wearing glasses and a slight smile

David Holland, Director, Technology
David leads the engineering and technology efforts at RevUnit, and helps clients build future-ready solutions across a variety of markets and industries. Having spent more than 20 years in software and data engineering, David has built a solid track record of helping executive and engineering groups choose the right technologies, build high-performing teams, and position themselves for what’s next.

white man with a big smile and thick dark blonde curly hair with data elements overlaid

Mason McClelland, Director, Strategy
Mason works closely with Fortune 500 clients to help transform outdated business processes through products and technology. Mason is known for his ability to bridge business and tech, gaining alignment and clarity on data strategy. Recently, he has led out on creating an internal process innovation lab inside the walls of a world-wide retailer.

Webinar — The Rise of Digital Twins in Retail

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