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Knowing the data exists is one thing. Getting it to your retail frontline for immediate action is quite another.

Join a panel of retail industry leaders on April 22 @ 11 CST as we talk about the secret sauce to unlocking your frontline’s full impact through data. We will be discussing questions like:

What kinds of data and information do retailers need to get to their frontline?

How do you determine what data will make the most impact to your business?

How do you manage the human aspect of acting on data?

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Ray Boyle

Vice President Data, Analytics and Insight
Hyatt Hotels

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Meet the Speakers

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Ray Boyle, Vice President Data, Analytics and Insight at Hyatt Hotels

Ray is Vice President of Data Analytics at Hyatt with over 25 years of leading transformative customer strategies. He’s led Walmart’s Global Data and Analytics Transformation, IRI’s Global Shopper and Analytics Practice, and FICO’s Global Retail and CPG Industry program, among others. Ray is passionate about preparing enterprises for accelerated data-driven innovation, particularly in decision automation.

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Shauna Bowen, EVP Central Operations, Innovation and eCommerce at Acosta

Shauna is the EVP of Central Ops and Innovation for Acosta. She has 16 years of experience in the industry, including at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Acosta has led the industry in helping consumer packaged goods companies move products off shelves into shoppers’ baskets. Shauna leads process improvement, productivity and transformation, as well as back office solutions and omnichannel strategy and operations.