How to choose the right processes to automate (and avoid the wrong ones)

Meet the Speakers

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Vaibhav Vohra, VP of Product at Bossa Nova Robotics

Vaibhav is VP of product at Bossa Nova, which delivers real-time insights on store behavior to optimize customer experiences using robots. Prior to Bossa Nova, he was VP of Product at SAP and before that he built satellites.

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Colin Shaw, Director of Machine Learning at RevUnit

Colin comes from an analytical background in computational math, physics, and programming. He was one of the first people to graduate Udacity's self-driving car program, and has code that runs on a Lincoln MKZ. At RevUnit, Colin helps identify technology and process gaps for enterprise clients, specializing in machine learning solutions. 

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Mason McClelland, Director of Strategy at RevUnit

Mason works closely with Fortune 500 clients to help transform outdated business processes through technology. Most recently, he has led out on creating an internal process innovation lab inside the walls of a world-wide retailer.