A 3-Step Process: Using Your BI Tool For Better Data Storytelling

Meet the Speakers

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Jonas Newsome, Consultant in Digital Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Experimentation and Tag Management Strategy

Jonas Newsome has 15 years of experience in analytics, including CRO and experience at a variety of companies including Hilton Hotels, Hewlett Packard, UBS and 1-800 Contacts. He’s certified by the Digital Analytics Association and a practitioner of test strategy, design and delivery.

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Courtney Ulrich Smith, Director of Design Strategy at RevUnit

Courtney focuses on UX research and design that gets to the root of any problem. Naturally, she has a knack for data visualization, and has helped teams at Walmart present meaningful insights through their data tools.

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Joe Payne, former VP of Design at RevUnit

Leading the design team at RevUnit, Joe has introduced core design principles into some of the world’s largest companies. Because of his background in both the enterprise and the startup worlds, Joe brings a seed-to-scale strategy into his work. Most recently, he’s worked on data visualization strategies with clients like Tyson and JB Hunt.