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Technology we’ve created:

A field dashboard for retail location managers that consolidated 5 disparate reports into a single source of truth.
A business intelligence platform for executives that sped up decision-making from about 4 hrs of work to 5 minutes.
A data visualization app that made the  financial data on resourcing easy to consume, which made decision-making more efficient.

Field Dashboard for Retail Location Managers 

The Problem

America's largest retailer and a popular membership-only retail warehouse club came to us with a problem: They had a hard time keeping tabs on various financial metrics that had massive impacts on their bottom line. Reporting was generally disparate, and important top-line metrics like sales, operating costs, and membership income were spread across various locations.

The Solution

RevUnit worked closely with both leadership and store managers to consolidate five monthly reports in one convenient dashboard. This serves critical information like profits, losses, and margins all at a quick glance. The tool provides store managers line item visibility of their P&L, which was previously unavailable to them, and allows them to compare their P&L to others in the market. These insights then inform their overall strategy, so managers can optimize their decisions on-the-fly.

Consolidated 5 reports into

1 Source
Mobile phone with financial report application
Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface

Business Intelligence Platform for Executives

The Problem

One of our clients needed to surface the most relevant data and insights to executives so they could make more informed business decisions. At the time, their data lived across multiple systems without a source of truth, and had little guidance on how to interpret the data once it was found.

The Solution

We worked hand-in-hand with stakeholders to refine and combine existing data into a single data lake that could be leveraged across the enterprise. We then built a dashboard tool for executives to view trends and dig into the relevant data, allowing them to uncover key insights and meaningful predictions. The product sped-up decision-making from about 4 hours of work to five minutes.

Sped up decision making from 4 hrs to

5 Min.

Financial Data Application for a Retail Business Unit

The Problem

One of our retail partners needed to be able to surface financial data to streamline financial decisions on resourcing. Their team was working out of email and Excel spreadsheets, so data was disparate, often lost, and consistently outdated. This caused the business to unknowingly make detrimental decisions without understanding the impact.

The Solution

Working closely with stakeholders across the organization, we created an application that complied their data into a single source of truth, replacing spreadsheets and a 100+ page monthly report in every location across the country. We defined a data architecture that made sense for their system, and designed a data visualization app that made the content easy to consume, which made decision-making more efficient. This tool increased accuracy and saved the company from continuing to make unfounded business decisions.

Eliminated a 100+ page monthly report to

Every Location
Tablet with financial data reporting and weekly performance graph

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