Reinvent critical processes at scale.

"Our data is all over the place."

Sound familiar? We'll help you find, clean, and structure relevant data.

"Our analysis is slow and disjointed."

You're not alone. We'll help you work across teams to discover mental models and find the most important narratives to pull.

"How do we present data to drive better decisions?"

This one can be tricky, but we've got you covered. We'll help you create dynamic visualizations grounded in pyschology that will drive better decision-making.

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"We have inefficiencies around every corner."

Redesign, eliminate, and automate key processes so that you can increase efficiencies across the board.

See how we worked with one client to increase their compliance reporting efficiency, reducing submission time by 90%.

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"Our legacy systems are outdated and expensive."

Whether your process is operating on a clunky, old system (or even still paper-based) we can help you modernize quickly.

See how we worked with one of the world's largest retailers to move their associate task management from hand-written notes to a digital solution.

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"How can we quickly prove a new process?"

Implementing a new process or technology can be a drain on time, money, and sanity. We'll help you prove out a new solution at a small scale before expanding to a full implementation.

See how we worked with one client to prove out a machine learning solution that increased employee accuracy to 90%.

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[Case Study]

Task Management Platform for a Worldwide Retailer 

[Reduced time to resolve tasks from over a day to 4 hrs on average.]

The Problem

One of our partners brought us in to rethink the way store managers and retail associates worked together. There was a disconnect between the two groups — especially when it came to ownership of work and progress tracking. Managers were writing daily tasks on a legal pad and handing them to employees to complete. This paper-based system was inefficient and led to lost productivity.

The Solution

We built an intuitive platform that allows managers to delegate work, communicate the assignment of tasks, and track progress in real time for employees. This platform has been rolled out to the full organization, to five countries, with nearly 70% daily active engagement. This task management platform has dramatically improved employee productivity across the board. Resolving a store issue or task often took over a day before the platform, but now takes on average four hours. That means a better quality store experience for customers.

Mobile phones with retail daily task application
Tablet with a drag-and-drop workflow builder user interface

[Case Study]

Improving Efficiency with a Workflow Builder Tool

[Reduced report submission time by 90%.]

The Problem

One client came to us to help reinvent their regulation reporting workflows. At the time, a workflow could not be submitted by a facility without using a desktop in a back office. This resulted in security issues and incomplete information due to rushed completion. On top of that, 70% of the reports were miscategoorized, and duplicated information had to be filled out for each submission due to the clunky system. Needless to say, the inefficient system was wasting huge amounts of time.

The Solution

We launched a workflow management platform that’s reduced submission time from 15 minutes to two — all while reaching 100% adoption within the U.S. The drag-and-drop builder allows users to easily manage workflows that are business critical. An intelligent detection pulls demographic information which reduces repetitive information from needing to be filled out for each report, saving 1600 hours per year alone.

[Case Study]

Augmenting Employee Accuracy Through Machine Learning

[Product identification increased to 90% accuracy.]

The Problem

A major food processor came to us to assist with processes that were severely impacting their efficiency and bottom line. The company was losing millions of dollars annually on lost inventory due to mislabeling with inefficient processes in place. The variable here was a human’s ability to accurately identify and label a product at a reasonable pace.

The Solution

Working with the team, we co-created a machine learning model that enables production-plant workers to more efficiently and accurately label products for processing. Through small tests and iterations, we were able to get the model to 90% accuracy. This technology helps employees identify products more accurately which in turn reduces significant product inventory loss.

Tablet showing chicken package identification interface

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