Upskill your team so they can focus on more valuable work.

"Our data is all over the place."

Sound familiar? We'll help you find, clean, and structure relevant data.

"Our analysis is slow and disjointed."

You're not alone. We'll help you work across teams to discover mental models and find the most important narratives to pull.

"How do we present data to drive better decisions?"

This one can be tricky, but we've got you covered. We'll help you create dynamic visualizations grounded in pyschology that will drive better decision-making.

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"We need a way to continuously upskill frontline employees."

This is critical now more than ever. We can help you create a strategy for on-demand training, and build a solution to do it.

See how we worked with one client to quickly create a new training platform that helped employees upskill while on the (fast-paced) job.

See the Case Study -->

"Our LMS is not engaging our employees."

We'll help you re-think the way your employees learn, and help you leap-frog any systems standing in the way.

See how we worked with one large box retailer to create a chat-bot enabled knowledge base to help employees learn while on the floor.

See the Case Study -->
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"My team needs to quickly learn a new technical skill."

As we work with your team, we can teach modern ways of working and even develop a training course based on the solution we are building.

Through our work with a few enterprise clients, we've developed a training course for Data Visualization.

Data Viz Team Training -->

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[Case Study]

Training Platform for a Quick Service Restaurant Chain

[From idea to prototype in just 9 weeks]

The Challenge

A quick serve restaurant chain that highly values their employee training needed a new learning system that integrated training plans, while also providing quick access to operational procedures in a fast-paced environment. The company already had a Learning Management System (LMS) in place, but felt constrained by its limitations. They needed to prove out the need for a more custom solution quickly.

The Solution

A RevUnit team partnered with the client to pilot a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In just nine weeks, the product went from an idea to a live app in 15 restaurants. By putting the product in the wild, we learned quickly that employees wouldn’t have much time to spend with the application when a meal rush hit.

The pilot learning platform we created allowed users access to training and operational procedures without the barrier of logging in — increasing productivity with quick access to job-relevant information.

Tablet and mobile phone with employee training checklist application
Mobile phone with chat bot messaging user interface

[Case Study]

Chat Bot Enabled Knowledge Base for Retail Associates

[kept employees on the floor, Reduced time to complete one repetitive task by 40%.]

The Challenge

A large warehouse retailer needed a way to integrate learning and knowledge access into the daily activities of employees. In their retail environment, they have employees all over the floor — each with long to-do lists and frequent interruptions. This is compounded by the fact that the help might be 50 yards away. Our client needed an easy way to provide the exact information needed to this employee in their precise moment of need. 

The Solution

To solve this challenge, we built a chatbot — an AI-powered virtual assistant that sits on top of a vast employee knowledge base. All employees have to do is pick up their device and ask a question — seconds later, the answer is provided. And they’ve asked a lot of questions: eight million to date. This tool helped the client improve productivity, increase associate time on the floor with customers, and integrate learning into the daily activities of their employees.

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