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Our Story

RevUnit is a data and technology studio with a focus on helping some of the world’s largest companies reimagine their operational data systems. From financial reporting to supply chain logistics to store operations, we’ve helped data get to the right people in the right format at the right time.

In 2013, then a small team of just 12 full-time employees, RevUnit became one of Walmart’s key strategic technology partners before our first official birthday. Seven years later, we’ve now created technology and data solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve made it our mission to change how the world works, for the better — by creating change through data and technology that supports the inner workings of our clients’ organizations.

We started out as a consumer-facing product studio, but quickly found a gap (and our sweet spot) of helping enterprises innovate their operational technology. As we’ve continued to work in this space, we found ourselves, more often than not, backing into the data systems that feed the software we were creating. Now, we take the agile principles we’ve honed on product development into the data world.

In addition to being consistently honored as a “Best Place to Work” for our top company culture, RevUnit has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies, as well as the Entrepreneur 360 list of America’s most innovative businesses. 

With unprecedented disruption, an organization’s ability to adapt and change (quickly) is now more than a competitive advantage.

Many organizations won’t be able to keep pace.
There’s simply less room for error, more competition, and more boardroom pressures than ever before.

That's why we focus on creating change, faster, with our clients. Change means more flexibility, more control, and less risk for the organization. And intentional change starts with your data.

data intelligence leads to operational transformation leads to learning and development


We use the product development practices we started with, and apply them to data.


Working with some of the world’s largest companies, we've learned a thing or two about big data.


We focus in operational data, for frontline and back-office employees to more effectively run the business.


We help clients speed up their time to value by applying agile, iterative practices to data.

We live into our values in everything we do, whether working alongside client teams or continuing to build our own business.


Do what's right.

We set our own interests aside for the benefit of those around us. It may not be easy, but it’s always worth it. We act with humility. We take ownership of everything we do and honor the commitments we make. We do the best work we can, every day. We encourage and advocate for diversity of all kinds. We seek out underrepresented voices in everything we do.


Be fearless.

We learn from the mistakes we make along the way. We have the courage to speak up, share unpopular opinions, and give difficult feedback. We act with courage in spite of fear. We boldly try things outside of our comfort zone. We push beyond the status quo to discover new ideas.


A little better all the time.

We value progress over perfection. We push each other to improve by delivering timely feedback with candor and kindness. We fuel our curiosity through continuous learning. We receive feedback with humility. We see failure as an opportunity to learn.


I've got your back, you've got mine.

We believe the best time to deliver feedback is now. We address conflict directly and respectfully. We hold one another accountable and take responsibility for the outcomes of our own actions. We act with sincerity and empathy. We’re not too proud to give or ask for help when it’s needed. We show respect for our clients and teams, even when it’s hard.


Celebrate the win.

We celebrate with specificity so that we can learn from what’s working. We recognize contributions that are impactful. We celebrate in partnership with our clients. We believe in celebrating the outcomes that inspire us to set a new standard for ourselves. We celebrate individuals in thoughtful ways that are meaningful to them.

Meet the leadership team at RevUnit.

josh profile image, revunit president
Josh Stanley

Josh aligns leadership goals across the organization, and works diligently on growing RevUnit into a world-class digital solutions provider for the future of work.

You’ll likely catch him collaborating with a team on client work with a Rockstar energy drink in hand, or whiteboarding ideas — sometimes simultaneously.

Joe wearing glasses  profile image
Joe Saumbwber

Joe is a thought leader in enterprise product development. He’s spent the last eight years working alongside Fortune 500 partners to create digital products used by millions of employees.

As if founding a company isn't enough, Joe also owns a farm and brings in fresh eggs for the Bentonville office every once in a while.

Michael profile, wearing glasses, revunit CEO
Michael Paladino

As a Co-founder, Michael has been at RevUnit from the beginning, which means he’s done just about everything from writing code, to taking out the trash, to leading RevUnit’s Marketing efforts. 

That extends to his competitive life, too. Michael won a meat eating competition in college and placed 3rd in his 8th grade math competition. His next goal: Beat Will in a game of NBA Jam.

brian with short brown hair wearing a black hoodie
Brian Hughes

Brian is a CFO, technologist, futurist, and exponential leader. He is passionate about enabling performance through building an exponential organization (ExO).

As our resident Renaissance Man, Brian also speaks fluent French, has unbeatable ping pong skills, and runs a local chapter of Singularity University.

Joe, blonde hair with black glasses and a black collared shirt
Joe Payne

Joe is focused on leveraging the power of design and systems-thinking to empower people. He’s dedicated to helping people leverage those capability to make meaningful differences in the world.

When not at work, Joe spends his time woodworking and fixing up his motorcycle. He just started wearing a leather jacket to reflect his alter-ego.

Will with a beard and heathered gray shirt
Will Bowlin

Will heads up the technology team. His ultimate goal: bolstering our ability to help our enterprise clients leverage technology to solve their most pressing business challenges. 

Will likes to play NBA Jam on our arcade machine for a break at work, and you can often hear his yells across the office. He’s always on fire.

office with brick wall and RevUnit logo

Bentonville, AR Office
Welcome, y’all!
409 SW A St. Bentonville, AR

In true Southern fashion, we repurposed the Farmers Exchange building in Downtown Bentonville and turned it into a warm, charming office space where we can mix, mingle, and work. We share an open co-working space with local colleagues in the tech community; it’s aptly named Exchange.

Remote Offices
You’ve been invited to a Zoom call.

Okay, maybe office is a strong word, but a good amount of our workforce is remote. We are dedicated to choosing the right person for the job, no matter where they are. That means we have co-workers all over the place — from Chicago, to Texas, to yes, even Hawaii (and we are all jealous of that one).

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