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Custom Transportation Management System

Software development services to help create your own disruptive technology to advance transportation operations — from automated load matching to advanced analytics.

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Transportation management, reimagined

A source of truth for both day-to-day operations as well as overall performance is crucial for transportation organizations. The challenge comes when off-the-shelf solutions don’t meet the needs of the business, and internal teams lack the resources to create a single custom, scalable solution.

RevUnit partners with leading transportation and logistics organizations on a data-first approach to semi-custom or fully-custom solutions that scale as your business grows.

Fully Customized TMS Software

Custom-built solutions to fit your needs

Our teams are experts in creating custom enterprise software for transportation and logistics organizations, freight shipping and supply chain solutions providers, and moving / relocation companies.

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Understanding & implementing recommendation engines

Leveraging recommendation engines in the transportation and logistics space to gain efficiencies and increase profitability

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You may need this if…

  • Your transportation and logistics organization needs a source of truth and transparency across your supply chain
  • You’re having trouble finding an off-the-shelf TMS to meet your business needs
  • You need to better integrate predictive or diagnostic analytics into your employees’ workflow 
  • Your T&L organization is working off of outdated, legacy software
  • Any of your back-end work is overly manual
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Interested in setting up your own transportation management system?

Custom TMS FAQs

What is a TMS, or transportation management system?

A TMS, or transportation management system, is a software that provides centralized visibility into day-to-day transportation operations, including shipment planning and tracking, carrier management, route optimization, automations, payment processing, and data analytics.

Why would I build a custom TMS?

Not everyone needs a custom TMS. There are many off-the-shelf systems you can purchase for your business. If you are a small to medium-sized business with relatively standard operations, then a SaaS solution may be your best bet.

However, if you have specialized operations, a large or complex business, and/or you are looking to create a competitive edge with your own data, then a custom TMS is probably the best route (see what we did there?).

We put together a buy vs. build guide here if you want more help making a decision on custom vs. not.

What do the best transportation management systems offer?

The very best TMS works seamlessly into the workflow of employees and decision makers. Aside from the day-to-day operations and visibility, a great TMS should help you run a data-driven organization and help set your teams up for the future. Leveraging machine learning and AI in your TMS will help you future-proof your business. Consider looking at (or building) a TMS that incorporates these emerging technologies to help you work smarter:
-> Predictive analytics
-> Smart load matching
-> Route visibility and automation
-> Compliance and paperwork automation

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How we can help

We’ll help you prioritize and build a custom TMS to create a unique advantage for your organization. With automated decision-making, advanced analytics, and process digitization, you’ll end up with an innovative TMS that gives you a competitive edge.

Embedded strategic team that will teach + do
Data mapping + modeling to get to the necessary insights
Research documentation of workflows + data needs
Validated custom transportation management product 

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