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Emerging Technology

New doesn’t have to mean scary. Identify the real-world ways emerging tech can change your business.

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What if you could stop trying to keep up and get ahead instead?

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New technology advancements can feel overwhelming — knowing what makes sense for your business, which trend is worth the hype, and where to even begin implementation. But no business ever got ahead by sticking to the status quo.

Our experts can help you identify new, innovative ways to apply technology to your business. Then help you prove ROI by taking small steps, starting with a pilot project.

We have experience building enterprise technology for some of the worlds largest companies:
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Machine learning saved $60M

A closer look at how we helped a leading food processor stop losing millions of dollars annually.

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Our expertise

Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Gain AI/ML traction by implementing solutions that speed up or augment decision making.


Claim your space in the next version of the web through decentralized applications and digital experiences for customers to interact with NFTs. 

Digital Twin

Create a virtual model of a physical process in order to provide greater visibility, simulate changes, and predict future events.

Ready to challenge the status quo?

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Identify which technology advancements will make the biggest impact on your business, and condense weeks of back-and-forth with stakeholders into a single day.

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Emerging Tech FAQs 

What is Emerging Technology?

Emerging technology is a broad term that defines innovative technology that is growing in relevance and popularity. Some of these advances are never well adopted and fade into obscurity, while others grow in popularity due to their value in an application and become mainstream technology used by consumers and businesses. Examples include: AI/ML, Web3, IoT, edge computing, robotics, etc.

Why should I choose RevUnit to help me with emerging technology?

Our team of experts in emerging tech have experience implementing projects across a range of enterprise clients in industries like retail, grocery, manufacturing, hospitality, and logistics. We take an agile approach to vetting out technology based on your challenges, then pilot to prove ROI on a small scale so you can be confident in your investment.

What challenges can emerging technology solve for me?

There isn’t one answer for this: it depends on your business and the emerging technology you want to use. Every tech advancement starts as an emerging technology – so choosing the right one for your business is critical. Some examples:

  • AI and ML can help you make more efficient, data-backed decisions.
  • Web3 and the metaverse may be the next digital space your brand will need to show up.
  • Digital twin can help you better see processes across your business and predict the impact of changes. 

Pairing the right challenge with the right technology is how you’ll see value from emerging tech.

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Google Cloud Partner

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Accelerate growth by fostering a culture that enables and prioritizes innovation with Google Cloud Solutions:

  • Business Innovation - Innovation is key to accelerating transformation and preventing future disruptions
  • Operational Efficiency - Solve technology challenges, reduce IT spending, and prepare for whatever comes next
  • Industry Solutions - Improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, participate in new business models, and capture new market opportunities
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