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Data Architecture & Engineering 

Integrate, structure, then use your data to actually get valuable answers, faster.

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Data all over the place? Get it in shape so your data can work for you (not the other way around).

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Systems that don’t talk. Spreadsheets preferred over new tools. Valuable data left to die. The reality of becoming a “data-driven business” can feel like it’s a utopia that doesn’t exist at your company.

Leaders across the business know the value of data, and the hope for real change is there. Starting out with a blueprint of your data and the most important questions you need to answer can give you a map through the data chaos. Our data science and engineering experts can help you start small, then scale data structures and solutions for your business that you’ll actually see an ROI on. 

We have experience building enterprise technology for some of the worlds largest companies:
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Not another failed data project.

Yep. Here’s how data teams (spoiler: actually cross-functional teams) should take an agile approach to avoid another ROI miss.

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Our expertise

Data Strategy

Make better use out of the data you already own through the data lifecycle.

Data Modeling

Group and organize data for realistic business use cases, allowing faster retrieval.

Data Wrangling

Clean and transform your data so it’s usable (lasso required).

Data Integration & Centralization

Combine your data from different sources into a single source of truth.

Data Visualization

Show the right users the right visuals so they can take action on your data.

It’s time to make better use of your data.

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You could be just 90 days away from a solution to see more ROI from your data. Step into that untapped potential with a custom solution – something no SaaS tool can give you.

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Data Architecture & Engineering FAQs 

What is data architecture?

It’s kind of like building a house: you need your blueprint to know what you need to build, and how all the pieces will fit together. Many times when software is acquired, it's a hammer looking for a nail, when you need to approach data architecture like a general contractor.

Data architecture is the structure and standardization around how organizations collect, store, transform, and use data across their business. A strong data architecture helps organizations make better use of their data by understanding where it is, how it moves, and when it needs to be delivered to users. 

What is data engineering?

If data architecture is your blueprint, data engineering is the building of the house itself: from studs to plumbing. Data engineering is the building out of technical infrastructure within your data architecture. Whether in batch or real-time processing, data engineering is often bespoke to each organization's data needs, so having the right partner is critical for project success.

Often included in data engineering is API integration, pipeline development, big data applications and platforms, data integration solutions, and data lakes or warehouses. Software engineers, data architects, and data scientists are involved in building out these components.

Why would I choose RevUnit for my data project?

  • We’ve worked on data projects at some of the world’s largest companies: Walmart, Unigroup, Tyson, J.B. Hunt, and Hyatt (just to name a few). 
  • We take an agile approach to data architecture and engineering.
  • Our team of experts know how to tie data to real business value.
  • We use a teach-and-do model that will upskill your internal team in best practices while we work alongside you.

What challenges can better data architecture and engineering solve for me?

Your business can’t afford to not take full advantage of your owned data. We can solve for:

  • Data taking wayyy too long to get 
  • Systems not “talking” and data not shared
  • Reporting dashboards that are confusing and don’t affect change
  • Technology that users dread, or create workarounds to avoid
  • Integrating / embedding insights into existing tools
  • Getting you up to speed so you can start predictive analytics

Check out some of our services

Google Cloud Partner

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Google Cloud offers data architecture solutions that aim to fuel data-driven transformation and optimize business outcomes. As a verified partner, we take advantage of these solutions to speed up your data project.

  • Databases - Industry-leading reliability, global scale, and open standards to deliver the best possible experiences
  • Data Cloud - The ability to manage each and every stage of the data life cycle from running operational transactions to managing analytical applications across data warehouses and data lakes to rich data-driven experiences that break down silos
  • Smart Analytics - A flexible, open, and secure analytics platform that empower everyone to get insights by removing traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost to solve business challenges
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