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We've worked with some of the world's largest brands.

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Why we're different

We help our clients build analytical data products and visualizations while strategizing to get operational insights into the hands of employees, faster. 

Working with some of the world’s largest organizations means we’ve learned how to maneuver through legacy tech, prove an ROI on innovation, and build data-centric software for scale.

Our teams are skilled at uncovering new ways to leverage data, then building the applications and ML models to surface business-critical insights to employees — from corporate to the frontline.

It's not enough to get on the cloud; your business needs to find your competitive edge by combining your data with the innovative services of Google Cloud. We can help you get there faster. No more fluffy presentations or 5-year roadmaps.

When we come alongside your team, we’ll transfer ways of working and skills to enable your team to create value into the future. 

Proven innovation methods

Faster time to launch a proven solution

Knowledge transfer to your teams

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This work is a springboard for us to get into stuff I’ve honestly been a little nervous to get into...but it’s what the business needs and is asking for. I like springboard partnerships and that’s what this is.

Sr. Lead of Organizational Strategy, Planning & Agility

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Cloud application development

We develop business applications using the best of the Google Cloud Platform in both web and mobile environments. It’s time that enterprise software catches up to the experience we have with our consumer software. So we focus on building UX-driven applications that get insights into the hands of employees, faster. From financial reporting to in-the-moment operational dashboards to assortment planning software, we help medium to large-sized businesses make data-driven decisions through their work tools.

Cloud application development takes more collaboration between data, design, engineering, and business teams. We have proven frameworks and ways of working to fill in the gaps, take down silos, and get moving.

  • Build on top of legacy software leveraging cloud data
  • Redesign / modernize existing cloud applications
  • Build custom, cloud-native or hybrid cloud applications

Smart analytics

Our teams can help you unlock the insights you need to achieve organizational goals. Our sweet spot is in data strategy, data preparation and analysis using Google Cloud solutions.

When building or modernizing applications, we often have to dive into your data fabric to understand what data you need, then create a plan for gathering and modeling that data for consumption by the tool. Google Cloud enables us to use building blocks to move faster, and provides compute power to enable truly real-time analytics.

  • Create a cloud data strategy
  • Build data and analytic models
  • Set up streaming analytics
  • Modernize your BI with BigQuery
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Cloud AI & machine learning

Once we have a strong data foundation (which we can also help set up), building Machine Learning solutions allows your business to become proactive with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our teams take an agile approach to feature preparation and data prep, model preparation, model training, and model deployment.

We can quickly test and scale a machine learning model on Google Cloud ML, and leverage Google’s relevant APIs and solutions to jumpstart progress.

  • Quickly build and scale a model
  • Conduct a ML readiness assessment
  • Build models with Google Cloud ML
  • Leverage Google’s APIs

Google Cloud Services We Love

Big Query

A fully-managed enterprise data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence.

App Engine

Allows app developers to build scalable web and mobile backends in any programming language on a fully managed serverless platform.

Cloud Build

A managed service on Google Cloud Platform infrastructure that allows you to continuously build, test and deploy containers.


A modern business intelligence, embedded analytics, and data application platform.

Google Data Studios

Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and automated reports that inspire smarter business decisions.

IoT Core

A fully managed service to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices.

Is a Google Cloud innovation workshop the next step?

Our workshop jumpstarts the creation of your target cloud data strategy by providing a collaborative environment led by RevUnit’s Google Cloud certified experts.

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[Case Study]

How we helped a food manufacturer improve supply chain planning with BigQuery

Our client was relying on multiple legacy systems — which were state-of-the-art at the time of implementation, but as the company evolved and acquired other organizations, they no longer met performance and analytics standards. 

For example, it took excessive time and resources to gain an understanding of the salt they’d need for production of a given SKU,  making it nearly impossible for quick decisions and production shifts if salt had unexpected changes in cost or supply.

The client sought a partner to evolve their system and centralize data, and brought RevUnit in to help them efficiently and confidently get to the insights they needed to make planning decisions that impacted the company's bottom line.
We partnered with stakeholders to identify what kinds of questions they needed answered in their workflow, and used dimensional modeling to match the data structures to the real-world use of the information.

We leveraged GCP’s BigQuery to implement queries that allowed for quicker access to data that better met the needs of stakeholders. 

Through this work, we enabled the manufacturer to make supply chain decisions more quickly, confidently, and with stronger impact to the bottom line.

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