Google Cloud Innovation Workshop

A hands-on experience for technology teams and senior leadership who want to kickstart their Google Cloud vision and strategy.

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Evaluate if ML, computer visioning, and chat support options are the right next step for you

Duration: 1 day
Who this is for: Senior business and technology leaders

The Challenge

Retail and supply chain leaders are facing many obstacles involving data and the cloud landscape. They understand that achieving actionable insights through data analytics is key to operational efficiency and business improvement. While organizations know where they would like their data journey to take them, identifying a clear path forward can be complex and resource-intensive.

There are many factors to consider when building and deploying a cloud solution that can be scaled across teams and meet the improvement goals of your business. Innovation often stalls out as internal projects compete for limited resources, talent-strapped teams, and top-down support. Success comes from pairing immediate, actionable pilot opportunities with the potential to scale.

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Predict your risks and opportunities

Harness the power of a data cloud and start planning for change now.

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Workshop solutions

It's time to identify a right-sized path forward. Using startup frameworks, we can help you leverage your data to drive actionable insights, innovations in technology, or even new business objectives.

This Google Cloud workshop facilitates the creation of your target cloud data strategy and vision by providing a collaborative, guided, and informative environment led by RevUnit’s Google Cloud certified experts. We’ll help your teams align business goals to the features of the Google Cloud Platform.

This session allows the team to gain a solid understanding of how Google Cloud services can help them achieve their objectives including:

  • Identify data assets that are important for business success
  • Create a strategy to address challenges in existing approach
  • Prioritize initiatives that will enable benefits from your data
  • Understand which Google Cloud services could provide the most value
  • Move beyond infrastructure to the cloud
A diverse group of four including men and women standing up and working together with cloud, data, and business goals icons overlaid

The outcome of this session is intended to provide you with a cloud strategy foundation that will meet both your team and organizational goals. With a foundation established, you’ll be ready to make the move to a custom cloud solution focusing on advanced, actionable insights for your organization.

Workshop Topics
  • Data Strategy & Management
  • Aligning Gaps to GCP Features
  • Economics of the Cloud
  • Approach to Moving to GCP
  • Cloud Use Cases
  • Building Foundations for ML & AI
A white man with dark hair and glasses and a black woman with glasses and big hoop earrings having a positive conversation with word bubble icons overlaid
A diverse group of five people workshopping together with cloud data elements and icons overlaid
  • A portion of data is already on the cloud, or you are looking to move a portion of your data for this use-case
  • Group of 5-10 stakeholders:
  • Participation from business leaders that are looking for change 
  • Participation from technology leaders who understand the data, architecture, and the challenges facing the organization from a business perspective

Team introductions and get to know each other

Vision Map

Organization & Team: Project roles and teams
Idea: Objective of the project
Approach: Strategy for project implementation
Purpose: Reason for the project
Vision: Goals and desired outcomes of the project

Cloud Status & Team Goals
  • Current state
  • Future goals
Responsibilities, Challenges, & Outcomes
  • Responsibilities, tasks, and problem-solving
  • Challenges, risks, and potential negative outcomes
  • Benefits, improvement, and potential positive outcomes
Initiative Prioritization

List cloud and data initiatives and determine priority of each

Obstacles & Solutions

Identify and prioritize project obstacles or blockers Determine how to problem-solve and remove blockers

Design Charrette

Solutions ideation and brainstorming


Summary and next steps

Google Cloud Workshop FAQs 

Why consider Google Cloud Platform for your business?

  • Open & Flexible
    Choice and flexibility with open source, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
  • Sustainable
    The cleanest cloud in the industry
  • Collaboration & Productivity
    The best way to create, communicate, and collaborate
  • Industry Solutions
    Customized industry solutions to help customers tackle their toughest challenges
  • Intelligent
    Turning data into real-time insights
  • Trusted
    Letting customers operate with confidence, knowing their data is secure
  • Save Money
    The cloud offering the most value
  • Easy to Use
    Innovate quickly and easily with the most intuitive platform

Who is this workshop for?

Business leaders that are looking for change and technology leaders who understand the data, architecture, and the challenges facing the organization from a business perspective.

How long does it take to run a workshop?

A typical workshop is completed in one day.

Why choose RevUnit?

Working with some of the world’s largest organizations means we’ve learned how to maneuver through legacy tech, prove an ROI on innovation, and build data-centric software for scale.

We help our clients build analytical data products and visualizations while strategizing to get operational insights into the hands of employees, faster. When we come alongside your team, we’ll transfer ways of working and skills to enable your team to create value into the future.

How do I get started?

Complete the form on this page with your contact information and organizational or team goals and RevUnit will follow up with you for a free 15-minute consultation within two business days.

You bring your team, we'll host the Google Cloud Innovation Workshop.

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