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Custom Transportation Management System

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How a multi-billion dollar logistics company used a custom solution to solve a unique problem, consolidating six systems into one.

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One of the world’s largest integrated shipping and logistics companies wanted to grow their operational service line and become more efficient. They needed a unique TMS to handle their complex shipments and different service lines as their existing systems were disparate and outdated.








Data Architecture

Data Architecture

System Integration

System Integration

The Challenge

- What we were up against
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Shipping and Logistics Company

The logistics client uses a variety of third party software and/or custom developed software. All of it needed to be integrated into one system that would allow the client’s operational service lines to grow and become more efficient. We needed to create a base operational system that seamlessly integrates their Quoting, Financial, CRM, and other corporate systems.

Spotlight —

Together, we aimed to build a solution that could…


Eliminate 3rd Party Dependencies

The logistics client wanted to eliminate dependencies on 3rd party and legacy technologies to reduce operational expense. This allowed them to cut spending to expensive, out-of-the box TMS offerings.


Consolidate Systems & Processes.

Consolidated the client's operational processes to a unified and common approach, regardless of service line (i.e. Combine 6 systems into 1). Allowing them to streamline key shared services across the service lines.


Provide a Scalable Tool for Integrations.

As we built out the technology alongside the client, the ability to integrate with their tools and systems through a modern API layer was needed as well.


Connect their Ecosystem:

One of the major challenges facing the logistic company in developing this solution was in the number of tools / teams that required integration to provide data to the solution. Our team quickly identified the dependencies across the various teams and worked to break down silos and barriers to give the complete picture. In the end, we brought together data across the following areas of the business:

  • 3 Existing TMS systems
  • Pricing
  • Quoting
  • TMS
  • CRM
  • Finance
  • Auditing
  • Business Intelligence

Our flexible and agile approach to software development allowed us to work collaboratively with other functions to build a solution that met the needs of all of the various stakeholders across the business.

The Partnership

- How we tackled the challenge, together
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Shipping and Logistics Company

RevUnit came alongside their teams with our “teach and do” model to combine old, third-party systems, restructure necessary data, and design a modern UI for the long haul. Through our product design (design thinking, UX, UI, and accessibility), the logistics client’s new system now makes it easier for employees to manage loads and, ultimately, provide a more seamless experience to their customers.

Phase 01: Prototyping & Architecture Planning

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Working closely with our partners at the logistic company, we carefully designed a tool to meet their business needs and process while also preparing for the various integrations needed to make the project a success.

Phase 02: Application Development + Iterations

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Once we were aligned on the plan and framework, we used Agile principles to start developing the production tool for the client, making sure we were providing updates and demos along the way.

Phase 03: Product Transition

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Our teams excel at creating production tools in such a way that empowers our client’s tech teams to ensure a smooth transition process once it is time for the client to take over.

The Solution

- What we created together
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Our overall strategy was to produce long term value with our creative problem solvers by growing informed, trusted, innovative relationships with shippers and capacity providers and delivering a best in class experience efficiently through their desired channels.
Shipping and Logistics Company

A completely custom TMS system that is powering their Asset-Light LTL business. This allowed them to streamline their operations and reduce costs/maintenance of existing tools.

Designing for Strategic Differentiators

Our client’s  LTLB business is one of the key growth drivers for the organization. Developing a custom application allowed them to optimize the processes that set them apart from their competition. 

Our team was able to highlight those strategic differentiators that off-the-shelf software can’t accommodate for and then design a tool specific to those use cases.

That process allowed them to combine their internal expertise and business processes for managing an efficient LTLB business with the technology that was purpose-built to maximize their unique capabilities in that era.

New Capabilities:

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  • Ability to ingest orders from variety of the logistic company/customer systems
  • Assignment of orders to the right carrier
  • Commenting / Task Management on individual orders
  • Tracking and ETA management
  • Integration with customer systems and internal processes (Accounting, Billing, etc.)
Spotlight —

Streamline the Exception Process

One of the key challenges in the logistics company’s LTL business was the manual process associated with re-quoting and awarding freight after a disruption in the dispatch process.

We were able to build connections to their CRM and Pricing tools that allowed us to automatically take those loads that needed to be re-assigned and automate the process to do that across their carrier network. Some of the key features of that process included:

  1. Automatically identifying the loads that need to be re-assigned and then notifying the relevant parties of the need.

  2. Using the pertinent details from the load and fetching pricing information from the client’s pricing tool.

  3. Pulling details from the customer’s information in the CRM to identify the white-listed carriers for that shipper

Using that combination of data, our TMS was able to automate much of that process and re-award the freight to a carrier, streamlining the process and giving the logistic company’s customer’s peace of mind.

This feature ultimately help the logistic company’s team members spend more time focusing on the customer relationships and less time managing process using outdated tools and technology.


- What we accomplished together
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Simplified 3 existing TMS products into a single unified platform.

Improved efficiency of managing orders through modern UX

Ability to better integrate and provide data through API layer

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