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August 9, 2022
Data Intelligence

Centralizing Disparate Data for Whole Health Institute

How an improved data strategy and management platform — powered by Google Cloud — created data innovation for Whole Health Institute 

Whole Health Institute (WHI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 by philanthropist Alice Walton. WHI educates communities and workplaces, convenes and catalyzes thought leaders, and transforms health systems. WHI approached RevUnit with the goals to improve health and quality of life, reduce health care costs, and impact medical education and health care delivery.

When presented with disparate data and a desire for data centralization, RevUnit worked with WHI to improve their overall data strategy. We created a data flow and management platform to allow them to better understand the impact that is driving engagement across the organization.

The Challenge

Because of an overall lack of visibility into their data sources, uses, and locations, the program management, product, and marketing teams at WHI needed the infrastructure to make timely, data-driven decisions about their programs. They sought a way to enable better decision making through improved data management, data literacy, and data operations.

The Solution: Google Data Lake

RevUnit worked on an improved data strategy and data flow and management platform that enhanced visibility into the impact driving engagement for Whole Health Institute. The newly-formed data diagram provided a better perspective of the technologies used throughout departments, and increased efficiency by visually displaying the current complexity of their tools.

“I think this is a great demonstration of how we can consume and transport data into a more interpretable format, without having to spend all the time going into all the systems we use to get data.” 

– Jordan Carlisle | Head of Technology at Whole Health Institute

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Example Data Lake

The Results

The team created a data pipeline for WHI’s various disparate data sources, and established a unified data lake with Google Cloud. By leveraging the available data, the team is now able to uncover valuable insights for different departments. The improved infrastructure and storage drives scalable and repeatable data operations, and facilitates modeling and business intelligence.

“The demonstration of what it looks like to add data sources was crucial and really highlights exactly what we were looking for in this - how we can consume and transport data into a more interpretable format, without having to spend the time going into all the systems we use to get data. And that, to me, was the biggest thing I was hoping to achieve, and I'm really pleased with what you all did.”

– Jordan Carlisle | Head of Technology at Whole Health Institute
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