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Data Integration Accelerator

More complicated data structures than ever before? Impossible reporting? Unify and scale your data, fast.

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Integrated data is necessary. So why is it still so hard?

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If you’ve read this far, your disparate data is holding you back from meaningful insights and business growth. Multitudes of SaaS or legacy systems that don’t speak to each other natively make your job nearly impossible.

Our Data Integration Accelerator streamlines two to three primary data sources for stronger performance, reporting, and faster scalability for mid- to enterprise-size companies. We’ll start with a comprehensive technical architecture audit and a mapped data ecosystem, and you’ll get data that’s centralized and efficient.

What we promise

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Scalable Data Performance

No more back and forth between business intelligence tools. All your critical data in one place means faster, accurate insights and easier reporting. 

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Stronger Insights

Get your leadership business–critical insights at lightning speed. Create cutting-edge experiences for your customers. Scale cross-functional initiatives without the headache of disparate data.

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Time Savings

Switching between data repositories scrambling to establish a source of truth is a thing of the past. Gain simplified governance and visibility at lightning speed.

Need to connect more than 2–3 data sources?

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A few of the data sources we can connect

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Our Approach

Stage 01
Data Strategy + POC (3-4 weeks):

Mapped and modeled data for faster, more accurate future stages. 

You’ll get a proof of concept (POC) of an integrated operational data structure that matches your needs with both user and technical validation. A data lake will begin ingesting data from the “scale” system. We’ll intake existing planning documentation, identify gaps, and complete strategy and architecture plans for delivery.

Stage 02
Data Transformation (3-4 months):

Ingest one additional data source into the data lake, and get targeted data structures based on needs identified during Stage 1.

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You'll leave with:
  • Data Needs Map
  • Data Ecosystem Map
  • Data Infrastructure Roadmap and Implementation

Data Integration FAQs 

How much does it cost?

Pricing begins at $395,000 for two data sets. Contact us for custom pricing.

How long does it take to implement?

Phase 1 (3-4 weeks): Research, technical architecture diagram and data ecosystem map

Phase 2 (3-4 months): Custom data centralization implementation of ecosystem map

Who is this for?

Business intelligence leaders at mid- to enterprise-level companies across industries

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