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User Experience Audit

Identify missed opportunities and usability breakdowns

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We've improved user experience for some of the world's largest brands.

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What if you could stop blindly
guessing at your product’s pitfalls?

Identify missed opportunities and usability breakdowns.

Pinpoint objective, validated improvements you can start making to your product immediately. Through heuristic, usability, and task/action evaluations, as well as user and stakeholder research, we’ll create a prioritized list of actions you should take — ranked by severity.

You’ll leave this audit with a clear understanding of what you can do to improve your UX, and how it will impact your product goals.

Remove friction

Not sure why no one is using your tool, or whether they are using it as intended? We can help you identify where users are getting caught and how to solve it.

Identify opportunities

We'll go beyond the screens you have today and provide you with new features or improvements you could add to make your product more powerful.

Decrease user drop-off

Users may be abandoning your tool for simple reasons, like a button not being visibly apparent, or for complex reasons, like confusion over where they are in a process.

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User Experience Audit

4-week service

4 focus areas*

UX audit report

User feedback report

Recommended action plan

Suggested roadmap

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Data Visualization Audit

Our data visualization experts evaluate the usability and usefulness of your existing visualizations.

+ 2 weeks

Cognitive Walkthrough

Identify areas that derail users with a Real User Cognitive Walkthrough Report.

+ 1 week

Competitive Analysis

We’ll perform micro ux audits on other services to find gaps in the competition, assess their reviews, feature gaps, tactics, and pricing.

+ 2 weeks

Additional Focus Areas

Add two more assessment areas into your UX audit package.

+ 2 weeks

Answer questions like:
  • Why is no one using my product?
  • Why is our performance dropping?
  • Is this product working as we intended?
  • Why are we losing customers/users?
  • How do we work faster?
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The UX Audit Process

Step 01
Intake and alignment

We start every engagement by making sure everyone is aligned to the high-level business objectives for the tool or software we will be evaluating. We will also access the systems and identify focus areas at this time.

Step 02
Understand the environment

Through stakeholder research and analysis, and further evaluation of the tool, we will better understand the environment in which the tool is being used.

Step 03
Understand the users

We'll then interview a set of users based on our primary personas to understand their goals and get qualitative feedback on the challenges they face within the tool.

Step 04
Evaluate the product

Using heuristic and usability evaluations, our team of design researchers will identify issues, then rate them on a severity scale to help you understand which are most important to resolve first.

Step 05
Finding + recommendations

After conducting the research, our experts will synthesize the work into a high-level report and deep-dive artifacts so you will know exactly what to fix, how — and which will make the most impact.

woman holding phone and taking notes
Deliverables you'll get:
  • UX Audit Report
  • User Feedback Report
  • Recommended Action Plan
  • Suggested Roadmap

You'll finish this audit with:

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UX best practices, applied to your tool

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Practical improvements you can start making today

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A clear roadmap to a more effective tool

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